Stair Whispers is a one week project in CIID in the spring time of 2013.Led by James and Joshua, founders of Spacebrew, we are introduced with Spacebrew , a platform that provides designers, programmers, or prototypers around all over the world with the possibility of sharing potentially inspring porjects easily. Every one who implemented something in any corner of the world can hook their input to the website, and trigger some ouput on the other side of the world, vice versa. By bridging their inputs and outputs together from Spacebrew website, facinating ideas might be opened up from one project to another.

Skype calls are initiated by a button embedded at the back of the box through serial communication with Applescript. During the construction of the frame, a lot of attention was paid to the materials used, the internal construction and the interaction one would have with the frame. The frame is crafted and the interactions are intimate.


People pass by some stairs almost every single day, sometimes they pass in a hurry, sometimes at a leisure pace. Do you notice your own pace changes while passing by stairs? Why people have different walking paces? Can we tell their emotion from the paces? How much information can we dig out from the way people passing the stairs? Or, maybe what worth thinking about is: what can we tell the passers-by, so that they are not only being watched but also taking part in as one of the observers? And, how do we tell them?